What we repair

Standard Repair
Our standard repair covers mostly everything that normally wears out over time
Some hearing aids may need a new case, faceplate, or circuit – which is an additional fee

About US

How we were founded
& where we are located today!

Lilli Electronics was established in 1967 by Bruno and Lilli Teichman and is one of the oldest independent and family-owned hearing aid repair labs in the nation. Since our inception, we have worked with a wide variety of clients, from individuals and hearing aid dealers around the world to hospitals, audiologists and state and federal agencies. We are a full-service lab and will repair all makes and models of hearing aids.
Our Location
Booneville, CA
I come to Lilli Electronics for the good service. Lilli Electronics is unique because I get a feeling of personal friendship when I walk in the door. I'm not just a number.
Lilli Electronics cares about you and it’s imperative that you are satisfied. You won't believe it: Your new aid looks clean and brand new. If you want quality service, and your satisfaction guaranteed, choose Lilli!
Manassas, VA
I sent an e-mail out with some questions to the e-mail address provided on the website and was so surprised to get back a warm real person letter with reassuring shipping and packaging instructions. The e-mail also provided assurances that my aid would be tagged and tracked during the repair process given tender loving care and if unexpected or extensive problems were found. What sets them apart from other businesses was my being able to talk to real people, including the actual person working on my aid, rather than just submitting a form letter or talking to an automated computer voice. It was refreshing. I would recommend Lilli Electronics because I felt like I was their only customer; I was always getting special treatment. They appeared to care about me and that's unusual nowadays!
Albuquerque, NM
Lilli understood my financial constraints. They have a deeply personal commitment to their clients, and I trust them implicitly to provide me with what I need.
Austin, TX
My communication with Lilli Electronics was nothing but positive and pleasant. [Owner] Randy Maddox is very trustworthy, helpful and understanding. He is very knowledgeable about hearing aid technology, and most importantly, he is almost always available.
Alpine, CA
Three different hearing aid companies told me my aid was too old to repair, and that I needed to buy a new one. But after I spoke with Lilli, I was convinced they could fix it, so I sent them my hearing aid. In a few weeks, I got my hearing aid back good as new. The price was fair and affordable, and you have no idea what a joy it has been to have a good hearing aid again. Do not be afraid to put your trust in Lilli Electronics.
I’ve sent in my dad’s hearing aid for repairs, and have had nothing but positive experiences. Lilli owner Randy Maddox answered the phone personally, really listened to my problem, gave me sound advice and worked out a payment plan that fit our need. Lilli gave me exceptional customer service in a timely manner. I found them on the Internet, but the first call with Randy convinced me I had found the right solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s rare that we encounter a hearing aid we can’t fix. We will repair any style or brand of hearing aid, replace all defective parts, clean and test the components and re-mount and seal the microphone and receiver. We then test the hearing aid and return it to you.
  • 6-Month Warranty
  • Fast & Friendly Service
  • All Makes & All Brands
  • No age limit for the device
  • Physical/Water Damage
Is it possible my hearing aid is too old to be repaired, or that replacement parts are no longer available?
The vast majority of hearing aids can be repaired, regardless of their age. In the rare case that we cannot repair your hearing aid, we will ship it back to you and give you a full refund.
I have been told my five-year-old hearing aid should be replaced. Is this true?
There is no part of your hearing aid that stops working just because it is five years old. We can make your aid sound like new. If your aid met your needs when it was new then after we repair it you can enjoy the same new sound.
I own a programmable hearing aid; will the program be changed when the hearing aid is repaired?
Most repairs do not involve programming changes. We will not change the programming without contacting you first.
Why should I send my hearing aid off to a distant lab, instead of just taking it to my local hearing aid dealer for service?
Your local hearing aid dealer will almost always send your aid to the manufacturer or a lab just like ours for repair. By sending your aid directly to us we can usually repair it for less than your local dealer will charge. Take advantage of the cleaning and adjusting your local dealer can provide. When it comes time for a full repair cut out the middleman and send your aid directly to us.
You are not the cheapest hearing aid repair lab online. Why should I choose to have you service my hearing aid if I can get it done for less with another company?
Our standard repair fee covers all types of aids and includes return shipping via Priority Mail and a 6-month warranty. Many of our competitors charge additional fees for digital aids and do not include shipping or warranties. Most of all we want what is best for you. We are committed to offering the best value possible. At our lab, you will get great service and personal attention. We hope you feel like that commitment to you is worth a few extra dollars.
The top (faceplate) of my in-the-ear hearing aid or the case of my behind-the-ear hearing aid is broken. Is it true that my hearing aid can’t be repaired and I will have to buy a new one?
No! We have resurrected hearing aids that were completely crushed. Most of the time we can save you money and repair the faceplate or cracked case without having to replate or Re-case your hearing aid. If we had to replate or Re-case the hearing aid, we would call you and get your permission before proceeding with that additional work.
My dog chewed up my hearing aid, or I accidentally stepped on it and the case is broken. Or worse, parts are missing- is it beyond help?
We’d have to see it first, but most likely we can repair your hearing aid. If it is a BTE hearing aid, just send it to us for repair. If it is an ITE aid email us and we will give you further instructions.
Recase Repairs

Some of the brands we repair